Do not ignore the bad breath caused by systemic diseases

Published: 11th May 2010
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Many systemic diseases can also cause bad breath, I will introduce the following situations:
(1) gastrointestinal and other digestive diseases. A stagnation of food in the stomach, they took to the taste of FA. Worse, there may be a result of chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer odor of corruption generated.
(2) respiratory diseases. Bronchial inflammation, bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis caused by psychosis, a condition for development, that is, the phenomenon may be bad breath. Lung maturation in psychosis of course there will be odor generation.
(3) nose, throat diseases. Apart from sinusitis, chronic tonsillitis tonsils proliferative hyperplasia, the nose and throat diseases also occur odor. I do not know will happen bad breath mouth, nose and breath will smell when. With sinusitis, because the use of mouth breath bad nose. Therefore, to reduce the mouth's saliva, mouth dry, self-purification is not a good look, this is the reason cause noxious odors.
(4) metabolic disease. If the mouth of the sweet and sour taste, is likely to have diabetes; if rats like the taste of smell, it could be liver related ailments. In addition, kidney failure, leukemia, etc. are also the reasons for bad breath. Metabolic diseases and digestive diseases will damage the internal metabolic balance of the body is weakened body resistance of bacteria, so easy to cause periodontal disease.
(5) heat disease, cancer. Severe fever disease and cancer will be the formation of bad breath. These diseases will form bad breath, is the deterioration of the disease is quite often, bad breath is just symptoms of these diseases deputy. Therefore, we must cure the original disease, bad breath can be completely resolved, must find a specialist clinic.
(6) is not easy to salivate disease. People with diabetes will be dry mouth. This is because the saliva of it bad. Collagen disease and Xue syndrome would grid with almost no secretion of saliva. Therefore, this disease must frequently gargle. The medical well-developed, although there are artificial saliva, but the quality is far better than the real saliva.
Salivary gland disease areas, there are stones that form in the saliva and the salivary gland inflammatory disease, because of inflammation caused by stones, but also bacterial invasion from the salivary gland openings, causing inflammation. In addition, the salivary glands may form ulcers that must be addressed.
Dry mouth may be due to side effects of taking blood pressure medicine or by the impact of the use of radiation to treat cancer, may be simply bad teeth, bite, or open your mouth caused by mouth breathing. Usually shut the mouths of people with nose breathing, the patients with sinusitis and inflammation in the mouth when the mouth breathing may unwittingly use.

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